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Well tomorrow is the date to find out custody of my kids. Whether I get them back or they stay in perminant custody of my parents(never going to happen). The department(social Services) is taking the stand that they want the children to stay in permant care with my parents. Their case revolves around several lies, ommitted facts and screwed up reports. All proveable to be so. They state that my psychiatrist does not think my mental health is stable and ready to parent(this is the only reason they would be able to keep my kids from me). Not true at all. My lawyer is armed with a letter from my psychiatrist refuting the lies of the department. THe case will most likely be adjourned for 2 or 3 weeks and then I will get my kids back.

Tomorrow 4 of my friends will be in court with me to add their support. A couple from church, a lady from my womens group and my oldest friend. We have been friends since ninth grade.

My husband will most likely be there as well. But I could care less. I got a new suit to wear and plan to walk right by him with my friends and completely ignore him. If he tries to talk to me then my friends and I will tell one of the officers there and he will be arrested for Breach. He may be allowed to be in the court house with me but he is still not allowed to talk to me.

I am so excited to get my kids back. Yippe.

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I fully appreciate that there are roles and needs for social/family services by government, but I can't believe the number of stories of outright lies and overzeallous acts perpertrated against good people. I'm not talking hypa dn new stories, but proven in courts of law. It should never happen. So sorry you have to deal with that, but glad you have your ducks in a row to refute the garbage. Good thing judges have to sign off on social services suggestions.

Glad you have friends to help too.

Is it still the plan to have your daughter stay with your parents?

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