Phil Keaggy.


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I've been a huge fan of his for years and he never dries up. He's one of the greatest!


Alright, another Phil Keaggy fan!:) And here I thought I was the only one on here who liked him. I even snuck a couple of Phil Keaggy tapes while I was on my mission. While we were only allowed to listen to LDS music, I actually found his music to be even more uplifting and inspirational than the church stuff. Did you know that a critic once referred to Keaggy as a "baptized Paul McCartney"? Here's another PK shocker for ya' - In an interview in Rolling Stone magazine with Jimi Hendrix, the interviewer asked Jimi - "So what's it feel like to be considered the greatest rock guitarist ever?" Hendrix responded by saying "I don't know. You need to ask Phil Keaggy about that":eek: A compliment like that coming from Hendrix?! Yeeeoooww!

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Hey Carl62,

I love turning people on to Phil just like you He's great. That story about the interview with Hendrix i'm not sure about. I've heard it too. I was reading a recent interview with Keaggy somewhere and he was asked about that. He said he doubted that it happend as he was pretty sure Hendrix never heard of him before he died. Phil did record at Electric Ladyland Studios but it was shortly after Hendrixe's death. But hey, even if it's not true, i'm sure Hendrix would have said it had he heard Phil. I really want to see him on concert before I die. I'm 41, he's a lot older, so I better get moving. lol. Look around on youtube. there is tons of Phil Keaggy stuff on there. I'm a youtube junkie. lol.


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