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3 of my amazing sons and I got baptized tonight in the Christian church!

Congratulations Dr T.

Christian Church? Just keeping the denomination non-specific, or is it one of the many denominations that refers to themselves as "The Christian Church"?

Anyways, very happy for you Dr T, I still remember my baptism and what a wonderful and powerful experience it was for me. Felt like a fire had been lit inside me from my head to my toes. Good fire, you know.

How old are your boys, and what was the overall experience like?

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That's great, in the words of the chorus we sing at my church....

Oh, happy day, happy day,

You washed my sin away.

Oh, happy day, happy day,

I'll never be the same.

Forever i am changed.

When i stand in that place,

Free at last, meeting face to face,

I am yours, Jesus, You are mine.

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Congratulations, Dr T! I hope there were great shouts of praise and joy!

Way to go Doc ! Must have been a nice, meaningful event for you and yours. Baptism is not requisite in the Christian/Evangelical arena in order to gain full membership and fellowship in the church you attend, is it? As I understand it, it is an optional ordinance that is left to each individual to participate in, or not.

I am not sure what you mean by optional. It isn't required for salvation, but Christ commanded it, so it needs to be done out of obedience.

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