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No kidding! Nice moves, PC!

I have proof positive it wasn't me...I clicked the link and got the message: LOOKS YOU YOU DON'T HAVE FLASH! CLICK HERE TO GET IT. Obviously I couldn't dance like that unless I had flash. Besides...back then we still thought dancing was dirty.

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And for the guys' enjoyment, here are some of our forum's finest women.

Even though I look like a FISHEAD!, I am so grateful to Wing for her including me, because, as everyone knows, only the really cool people get to be dancing elves! :P

Wait! I just had a thought. I'm a fishead, and people eat fisheads.

Pam is a gingersnap man, and people eat gingersnap men.

Miss is a sorceress, and people eat sorceresses who they turn themselves into pecan pies.

Hey! We're not only cool--we're EDIBLE!

Gonna take a a lunch break now. Writing all of that made me hungry.


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