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This will be my first time joining a group like this. I'm a minimalist on the net. I have a question I would love to get some input on. Maybe I need to post it elsewhere on the sight. Here goes. Some background 1st. I was just barely called as the YW Pres. in our ward. The bishopric is strongly suggesting that we as a YM/YW organization do this fundraiser. Purchasing and putting together flags, and collecting monies, to post on members lawns during particular holidays. We are a little unsure. Have you done it? Pros and cons? Cons from our YM Pres. Some holidays will be schooldays. We as leaders may not be able to holiday. By displaying theflag on certain lawns only your saying who donated and who didnt. He has spoken to many leaders who say they end up doing it themselves because kids wont. Thank you!

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We have done flags in the past. It can be a good money maker, but does require some time from leaders and the kids. It started out as a 'scout' thing to raise money for camps, and worked well for that after the initial cost was covered by donations. Most holidays are not school days, but some like Columbus Day and Veterans Day are. You just need to make the commitment to get up early and do it. The kids need to see that it gives benefit to them or they will not be motivated to help out. We made lists of who helped out each time and they were credited towards camp costs when they participated. After a few years our boys grew tired of doing it and we actually turned it over to the YW for a year so they could earn money for their camps. After that the program died and the flags sat unused for a few years. I finally prevailed upon a member of the bishopric to sell me one since they weren't using them anymore, and I still use it. Word is our YM want to start doing it again, I wonder how long it will last before it dies this time. If you get good participation from the kids it can be a good thing, but they and their parents need to be committed to doing it or it won't last very long. Also the flags do take up space, and generally they end up in someone's garage because it is easier than finding someone with a key to the church shed on a holiday to open it for you.

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Hi welcome dropp by some otehr day too! Maybe you get a hang of this...

So officially:

Welcome to You will find here an ecclectic mix of LDS and some non-members. While the site is dedicated to the Gospel, and to promoting the Church to a world that often does not understand us, we also make room for conversations about current events, and about social and cultural practices within the Church. If your main desire is to learn about the Church, consider starting with the "Learn About Mormonism" forums. For more advanced teachings, that will often include a variety of perspectives, some non-LDS, consider the Gospel section of forums.

While you are welcome to all main sections, be aware this site makes room for a variety of opinions and personalities. Some posters can be passionate about their views, and occasionally more so about them than about the souls of visitors. If you find something particularly offensive, feel free to make a report by clicking the appropriate tab.

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