Anyone else out there??? (Infidelity)


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This is mojo_jimmmy wife...

I agree with you

I couldn't give up the internet completely because of school and that why the bishop put in place just guidelines... actually in my letter of things i need to do it states, " use the guidelines the church gives in maintaining appropriate internet use". My nursing classes are half online. I have to do test online, care plans online etc. I only get on facebook to write a daily inspiration quote to help me during the day and do my stupid fishville :) I have even turn off the chat so no one, not even my girlfriends write me. I figure if someone wants to get a hold of me they will call. :) And I usually have a kid or 2 helping me feed my fish..

I also went part time in nursing school to take back my role as mom and quite my job at the hospital. I feel better now that I have taken back my role. It was hard on him while i was full time in school and on me too.

Thats actually what I was doing the night he tore out my internet. I had a huge care plan due and a test for pharmacology and he ripped out all the internet while i was trying to complete my schoolwork. I know he doesn't believe me but it is true. At this point why would I lie, dang lol.

anyways.. I prolly shouldnt have aired more dirty laundry. It was hurtful to see the post on this forum and 2 others. :( I have been trying so hard to do what right. I have been reading scriptures, praying practically all day, going to counseling, family and personal, seeing the bishop, and not on the computer pretty much anymore unless its school or a few min to do my fish while he sits right there basically. We have just moved to so I have to go to a NEW bishop and tell him all over again to explain my disfellowshipment when he gets my records too. sigh.

anyways. i will leave it at that. i hope he will forgive me oneday. I really do..

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Mojo_kar I would strongly advise that either you or mojo_jimmmy create a thread for all of this. It's cluttering up other people's threads at this point. I'm no moderator, but I can message one to move over a lot of the posts so we can un-hijack the threads in question.

We had a change of bishops about 6 months into our own process, so I know what you mean -- it's awkward and unpleasant to have to kinda start all over again. It wasn't easy on my wife nor me.

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Guest mojo_jimmmy

Its cluttering up this thread huh..this whole thread SHOULD not even be made public in the first place. :( These are private matters that should not be even discussed on a forum for ANY LDS family. This is something between the lord, the spouses and NO ONE ELSE.

The stuff I read before jimmmy posted was inappropriate in the first place.

Putting it out for the world to see is wrong. Deal with this stuff appropriately.

That really bugs me...

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