Battlefield of the Mind - Joyce Meyer


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I've been struggling with some issues this year, and I found this book and found it to be tremendously helpful. The author is a Christian, and draws upon the Old and New Testament for wisdom regarding issues with the mind such as judgment, criticism, protecting your mind from Satan, and overall general mental health. Every chapter and practically every paragraph of is backed by scripture, and the reading flows nicely. It's an amazing book and really helps draw me to some excellent scriptures in the Holy Bible. I highly recommend it.

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Well, golly I am at the threshold of a new 'internet group'...I am new to this whole concept because I come from the pen-and-paper generation who actually wrote letters and made phone-calls to keep in touch, BUT, I like the idea of sites like this and I found that the only way to keep up with my nine children and 17 grands is reading about them on Facebook, SO, I guess i will pursue this course and hope for the best outcome.

I have an inoperable (for me) condition called SYRINGOMYELIA and it is a real pip, folks. I have, over the last 7 or so years, lost the ability to make a living, walk, bend, roll over, or stand...which of course means I can no longer ski, cave, dance, swim, get the idea. Of course, it's not as if I am young...after all, I have reached the noble and mature age of 60 but my spirit is still in Young Women's (occasionally in Primary) and it is most frustrating for my body to relegated to the old-lady pew on the back row at Church. I used to teach Gospel Doctrine, served 2 Stake callings, was RS Pres. and YW Counselor. Now, my only calling is making phone calls to assign funeral food and file Visiting Teaching reports.

Once upon a time, I was a beautiful, vibrant, successful, confident Super-Sister and out of the blue came this bomb which, when it landed on me, took away a lot of things I used to think were important. Constant pain means strong medicines which have dulled my mind and slowed my reactions and numbed former pleasures. There is a lesson here and I wish I could hurry and learn it and get going on this journey called LIFE~~OH< HEY: just realized i am in the wrong place to post this...this is something called a 'thread' about Joyce Meyers who I was researching on the advice of a friend....but..what the goes...I am posting it anyway~~~see ya!

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Moore is Baptist, but her teachings are used in a broad range of Christian churches, especially amongst evangelicals. While she is rooted in biblical teaching, her approach is very much towards applying broad truths to daily life. For an interesting article on her see: Why Women Want Moore | Christianity Today | A Magazine of Evangelical Conviction

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I'm sorry you are going through pain. I will pray for you. Know that your suffering is not in vain, and that Heavenly Father loves you and it is a blessing to lean on Him during times of suffering. You're a stronger soul than I. Keep your faith strong and commune with the Holy Spirit as much as possible. I love you sister.


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