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Beefche that new avatar looks like you added about 500 pounds. Are you trying to say something here? I know I've put on a few pounds but...sheesh. :P

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Mmmmmmmm you got my chocholade yet?? You should have. The girl was looking at it with wide open eyes... I hope she did not take it! Maybe it is in the customs and they have eaten all of it! It should have been there by now... it has melted to one BIG heart... right! :) can feel it melting in my mouth.... :rolleyes: sucking the chocholatebars... mmmmmmmmmmm

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** silently, slowly,... I tip toe across the carpet; dust devil 50000 in hand**

We'll just see who sucks up to Pam best!! :notme:

You trying to turn me into crumbs with that vac? Sounds more like sucking up not sucking up to. :P

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Can something so right be wrong? Here, have some mint jelly. :diablo:

Mint jelly my big bootie. Something so right but wrong ended up being my ex-husband!

Pam loves me, so I don't have to suck up to her. Except when it comes to infractions. Yeah, I know it's shocking, but I've had a few of those. Come to think of it, Pam gave me one of them!

Okay, so Pam doesn't love me, but I know she sort of likes me, and I didn't have to pay her a dime, unlike Pale, whose friendship is very costly! :P

Pam, you're priceless!


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