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I have a website that sells oil vials and is targeted primarily to the LDS market... but recently had a customer that wants to purchase 1000 vials for his theology students, and had another customer from a non-denominational Christian church that bought 5 vials.

Does anyone have any light to shed on other religions and anointing oil?

Just curious. Thanks!

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I know that Pentecosts and the Orthodox use it in a similar way to the LDS, anointing the sick and so forth.

Catholics use a couple different consecrated oils, from what I understand it can be blessed for some different uses, each oil drop can only be used for what it was specifically blessed for.

Here, I wiki'd it up out of curiosity. Anointing - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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don't i recall you from a couple of years ago?..or have you been here all along?

lol.....guess i might have to get on the SMALL bus.

don't catholics also use oil?..or is it just Holy Water, and would't the vials still work for that?

Catholics use both oil and holy water. Oil ("chrism") is used in Confirmation, where the bishop or priest anoints the person with oil in the shape of a cross on the forehead, then lays hands on the person. Oil is also used in Anointing of the Sick, as well as Baptism.

Holy water is used to bless things (persons, objects, rooms/buildings). In the West, holy water is blessed whenever it is needed. In the East, a large amount of holy water is blessed once at a service called the Great Blessing of Water.

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In additon to Catholic's doing blessings by just the laying on of hands by a Catholic Priest where no holy water or oil is involved they do also do blessings with holy water &/or oil. I see other people have described most of these. Such as Confirmation, or The Anointing of the Sick Anointing of the Sick - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

There is one more "blessing" that Catholic's use anointed/concescrated olive oil for. It is called "The Last Rite" This is A VERY sacred & powerful "rite" Catholic Priests will do for people who are dieing or in close danger of dieing. I'm a LDS Convert. I was raised in a VERY Catholic, Italian American family (lot's of Priests & Nuns in our family). My father however was NOT Catholic. He was Episcopal. He was seriously injured in WW2 & said he woke up in an Emergency Medical Triage place near the battlefeild. There was A Catholic Priest standing over him administering the Catholic Last Rites. My dad said he kept babbling that he wasn't Catholic...but the Catholic Priest ignored him & continued with the Rite.

My father claims it was very a very powerful & spiritual experience & while NEVER becoming Catholic did say it "worked a miracle".Catholic Priiests will do this Last Rite for anyone who is dieing or near death it does NOT matter whether they are Catholic or not. Here's a link to the full explaination

Last Rites - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

BTW..It doesn't involve ANY anointed oil or holy water but Catholic Priests will allow anyone of any faith to receive the Sacrament of Confession with a Catholic Priest.

I find it interestign that while many Religiuos Organizations differ greatly in opinions of doctrine that so many of them do practice the "laying of hands" for a Blessing & "Anointing with (blessed) Holy Water or Oil in extreme cases. I wish Christians could focus more on these similiarities of belief than on all their doctrinal differences!

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Thanks, Jeycat! Very interesting. I suppose I'm a little surprised that I served in Spain (a densely populated Catholic area) and had no idea whatsoever of these ordinances. Even in talking with members there that used to be very active Catholic and are now very active Latter-day Saints.

It always amazes me to see similarities like this in different religions. It's a testimony builder of the apostasy for me.

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