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I recently started a website called Scriptures 4 Kids . The purpose of the website is to provide parents with the tools that they need to make daily scriptures a reality for all children no matter where they are or how much time their parents might have.

The site provides reading on four different reading levels so that the book can grow with your children. It also has audio narration for children that can not read or who just are not in the mood. Since I got the site up, my children have not missed reading once. In our family we use it as a reward. "You get to go read your scriptures when your responsibilities are done". We want our children to learn that the scriptures are a fun and wonderful thing that should be a part of their daily lives. Prior to getting the site up it was not feasible to read individually with all six of my kids.

My favorite part of the site is the "question to ponder". After each story there is a question. The question is intended to teach the children to learn to apply the scriptures to their lives. In our home I ask my kids, "What was your question today?" This frequently leads to thoughtful discussions between me and my children. I want my children to make gospel conversations a part of their daily routine.

I just barely got it up 2 weeks ago. It took me 5 years to do all the art and text and to get the site coded. I hope that it will be used to teach our tech savvy kids true gospel principles. Kids are so inundated with technology these days. I hope that Scriptures for Kids will help to make sure that some of that technology helps to teach them about Jesus Christ.

I would love to hear what others think about the site. How do you make DAILY scripture reading a reality for young children? Is this a priority for other mothers out there?

Thanks for letting me share!

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