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Suddenly the Cardnial bursts into the Pope's office

"Father! I have important news!" cries the Cardnial

"What? Lets have it my child" Says the holy father

"Its... its THE SECOND COMMING! The Lord has come! and..."

"Why this is wonderful !! We have been waiting for this for 2000 years." says the Pope

"but...." whimpers the Cardnial

"But? But what? asks the Pope

"Well. You see..." stammers the Cardnial, "Its just ... HE IS ON THE PHONE FOR YOU COLLECT FROM SALT LAKE CITY There I said it.

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Dear Wisc,

At first, when I saw this joke, I thought it might actually be funny. I was sorely disappointed. Your "joke" smacks of bigotry, and indicates just how dogmatic you are in your personal beliefs. Not only do you make the religion of your fellow man the butt of your joke, you also completely misunderstand Catholicism in that you fail to recognize that there exists not one cardinal, but many. This, combined with the numerous spelling, capitalization, and punctuation errors make this "joke" amongst the worst I have seen.

--Summer Glau

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