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Hey, I'm Erik, and though I'm not a full-time missionary...yet...I am very much involved in a good cause. The Lord asks all of us to be actively engaged in a good cause, and I am. My cause is called FAIR's Rising Generation and we are a NP Organization that focuses on supporting LDS youth. Yesterday we launched a new service and we need help spreading the word. Please come ask us a question! We need the online LDS community to give us a push so that we can start helping people. If you're willing to help, visit this post on our blog: what do you need? | FAIR's Rising Generation

Thank you!

Since this is this is my first on the forum I guess I'd better say some more about myself.

My name is Erik Slack and I'm 18. Pretty much everything I'm doing right now in my life is to prepare for my mission and life after it. I'm looking for a job and trying to save up as much as I can. I'm also studying the scripture, Preach My Gospel, and a ton of other books so that I'll be able to serve more competently. I'm good with computers and I love talking to people. If you want to talk to me, please feel free to send me a message. Thanks again!

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Hi Erik!

I first met Erik about a year ago when he joined our MormonteenWorld website and then in chat or PM's on LDS.net. He has always presented a loving and caring attitude to everyone and he has been especially helpful to those that are struggling.

Through his post ......he has comforted teens with self esteem issues, eating disorders, troubled home environments, dealing with peer pressures and maintaining high standards! I've checked out his website and he has assembled an impressive crew of top notch writers!

I was going to suggest that he post this on the youth section too, but I see that he has already.

I would like to encourage everyone to check out his site or visit with him in chat. He is a very knowledgeable young man and I think that he will make an excellent missionary!:)

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My name is Erik Slack and I'm 18

I don't see that last name very often. I grew up around a Slack family in San Diego. He was a Captain in the Navy. Does that sound familiar at all? Names were Steve and Ellen.

BTW...welcome to the site.

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Hi Eric I been on the FAIR youth site and read some articles there. Elder Smooth is a great guy and is now on mision. I wish I could get my sons more involved in FAIR.... My oldest is on mision and this other one is just going to be 18 in May. It is great work you guys are doing.. thumbs up for you!

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Thanks Maya, I wish your sons would get involved with FRG too, we could sure use their help. I know that not everyone is interested in this kind of volunteer work. Hey, maybe if you urge your sons to try out our question/answer service then maybe FRG can do some good for them. what do you need? | FAIR's Rising Generation

Any questions will get answers. :)

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