Enrichment babysitter needs advice.


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I watch for the Relief Society ladies at church and I try to be very tolerant of the children. When there are criers is it my responsibility to soothe them or do i get the parents ?

I was told if a child cries, needs a diaper change, is hungry or is causing a problem I should immedietley bring the child to the parents.

There is always 2 of us...Me...(The ward babysitter) and this beehive girl who is at this do-i-play-with-the olds-or-help spot. She is helpful in a situation when i need to leave the room but overall not very helpfull.

How does you enrichment night babysitting go ?


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i would attempt to sooth first. if there isn't anything that will calm them then send for the mother.

when i babysat i was very big on handling things myself. i would not call the parents unless the house was on fire. i babysat for a family that called me wanting to know if i could fill in for their church (the regular sitter was sick and they needed someone fast). so there i was at a church where i knew no one, in a room full of kids that i only knew 2 of them. it went pretty well. i was never invited back, not sure if it's cause they never needed me or there were complaints. there was one little girl that wanted to be a snot. i didn't tolerate it and i didn't disturb the parents. she said several times "i'm telling my parents what happened when they get here" i always responded with "wonderful, i would never ask you to keep secrets from your parents. in fact i may tell them what happened first" lol she stayed mad at me all night. what was it over? she was about 8 and i expected her to pick up the toys she had gotten out before getting new toys out. the horror.

most my baby sitting experiences were good though. good luck and it's great you can help the mom's out like that. i know for me getting the night off to be away from the kids is a much much needed break. you will probably not understand the service you are providing till you are a mother yourself. so on behalf of those mothers i would like to say thank you for the service.

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Try directing their attention to another toy. In nursery I would turn of the lights and say " UH OH help me blow them back on..1...2...3.. " And all the kids would immediatly stop crying and help blow them on. .. Now that was during the day, so if it's dark outside dont turn them all off, just maybe one so they can still see, but the attention graber is set. Then you could get themall together to sing songs or play ring around the rosies, kids that age also love bubbles. If none of that works and you have even tried a snack, tell the other helpful girl to go take them to their mom. I am the enrichment leader in my ward, if you need more help please let them know and they should find more girls to be in there with you. It's ok that you can't do it all alone ,no one could and ther eis help if ya need it

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