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Its all wierd to me but I am blessing my first son this coming Sunday and I ain't going to lie when I say I am nervous. Its hard anymore to do a blessing for my wife or her family (I am convert so my family isn't into the church) because all my family does right now is fight all the time.

My parents are on the brink of divorce and it seems to be harder for me to give blessings because I can feel what Heavenly Father wants me to say but in the same sense I also get a sudden urge to speak my mind about my parents and brothers. And now with my son's blessing coming up I just have the feeling that I will say it to a group of people and not give my son his proper blessing.

I have prayed numerous times about this but I keep getting the feeling to go through with it and all will be alright but I am still worried. Any advice?

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can you meditate? do some relaxation breathing here are two ideas that may help:

Get yourself comfortable.

Breathe in count to 3, breathe out count to 5, if you can get the breath going in what feels like a circular motion in and out that is best but not essential, then start to say relax in on the in breath, tension out on the out breath. Or instead imagine the Holy Ghost as a coloured light (I use white gold) or a dove and breathe them in and breathe out bad feelings and anger as black feelings. Then work the way down your body, telling the holy ghost or relaxation to come into your head, breathe tension or bad feelings out, then do your neck, and go all the way down your body to your feet, This should help bad feelings for your family go or at very least calm your mind, so you are at your most receptive to the Holy Ghost.

OR an alternative is to breathe in counting to 3, and breathing out placing a Buddha like smile on your face.

OR work out something that works for you, don't worry if the imagery isn't clear, the important thing is your breath.

Another thing might be to pray hard for forgiveness and calm feelings towards your family. I don't know the situation so I am sorry if I am being insensitive. My parents separated messilly, heck nearly 19 years on its still messy, it took me a long time but my advice is divorce them from each other and concerntrate on what made your Mum a good Mum and your Dad a good Dad, if you can write it down, don't put any negatives. Maybe even send it to them and express your love for them. My Dad was a stinking rotten husband, cheated on my Mum loads of times, then neglected me a lot during my teen years BUT he was actually a really good Dad up until I was 13 and he is an exceptional Grandad when the kids see him. My Mum may have been an alcoholic and going off her rocker and very bitter afterwards but she isn't bad either. My brother got into trouble with the police but he's got his good points, maybe rememeber incidents with your brothers where you enjoyed their company

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Thanks Wingnut...

Then you need to fast that Saturday in making preparation for your son's blessing. When you arise on Sunday morning, ask the FATHER for HIS Spirit to be with you in blessing one of HIS children in an appropriate way as possible, noting your own shortcomings. Then, heed to the whispering of the Spirit when it is made manifested to your during that prayer.

All will be well for you.

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The perfect blessing is the one that would be a mirror of the blessing Christ himself would give were He there.

I am by no means a blessings pro, but something that helped me a lot is not being afraid to be silent and wait for words to come.

I know it can seem awkward/uncomfortable and that there's a seeming pressure to press forward... but I've felt that I do a MUCH better job at speaking what the Spirit would have me utter if I pause for as long as necessary before I begin the blessing. Just a thought...

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I have 'yet' to see any person, whether it is a GA or a local leader, a master pro on giving a blessing without the aid of the Holy Ghost.

Any person who can muster the Holy Ghost is a pro in giving a blessing. How many times have you felt the Spirit in a blessing or receiving a blessing when you know what the Spirit feels like and know how to invoke Him?

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Just to give an update, the blessing went great. Its weird how the spirit works. My son was born Tuesday and we planned on blessing him that following Sunday before his grandpa returned to the Navy, stationed in Japan. Anyways, the doctor came in (who is also LDS) and told me that he had a feeling to run one additional test that they usually don't run on newborns.

This test is used to gauge the amount of infection inside the human body. On average, the human body has .2%. My son had 5.8% in his body. I was more worried about my son that I forgot about all my other problems. The doctor got it set up and I was able to bless him on Sunday. The spirit spoke clear and I was able to give my son his proper blessing.

I said that my prayers were answered because it told me to speak what is said to it. Thinking back, what the spirit told me is what I have been wanting my parents to know all this time. That family is the most important group you can be apart of. In this world, we need to quit thinking about ourselves and more about our children and our spouses. How can we be an example to our coworkers, friends, etc. if we cannot be an example to our family.

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