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Hey all,

I am a blogger, a few acquaintances and myself are creating a new LDS blog called The Sign of Jonas. I have just recently joined this forum but I think this is probably one of the best places to find interested authors/readers as there are a lot of intelligent self-motivated people on here. We are currently looking to recruit more authors for this blog, the following is an a brief explanation of the blog if you are interested.

This blog isn't like the other ones you've seen though: ours is a multi-authored, scholarly blog, with a main focus on the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

The format of this blog is simple: One post by one of the authors every Sunday. For you, that means you'll only have to post one of your pieces every month and a half or so. And what would your posts be about? A relatively general, umbrella, Gospel-related topic that interests you! To help with brainstorming, some of these topics could be: Early Apostolic Christianity, Prophecies of the Prophet Joseph Smith, World Religions, Evidences of the Book of Mormon, Epistles of Paul. Also, if you have any specialties we should be aware of (intimate knowledge of another religion - as a former member or as an area of studied focus), please don't hesitate to tell us.

OK, so what if you aren't terribly interested in being a full-time author on this blog? That's perfectly fine! We have facilitated our calendar so as to incorporate Guest Authors! If you're interested, but not in a full-time gig, then this is for you - in which case all you have to do is follow the links to the blog below and fill out an application form.

You know about the blog, you know the basics, and now the only thing left to do is apply (see here)! For more details on what your responsibilities would be as an author, read this.

To give us sufficient time to sort through applications and get you all set up on our blog, we ask that you send in your applications (to the e-mail found at the bottom of the blog posts, [email protected]) before May 31, 2010. It is anticipated that the official launch for this blog will be June 6th, 2010.

Thanks! Also if you have suggestions or anything just reply to the thread, or visit The Sign of Jonas Forum

- - - - - - - - - - - - -

Lynden Jensen

Check Out My blog at

The Sign of Jonas

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