Best LDS dating sites?


Recommended Posts is, um, not really LDS-oriented, let's just say. However, they do a *fantastic* job of giving you tools for finding compatible people, plus a lot of customization. If you list yourself as Christian, though, your odds of matching most of the site denizens will drop sharply.

I've spent some time both on ldsmingle and ldsplanet. Of the two, I much prefer the site interface on ldsmingle. LDSplanet has very few searchable fields, limited ability for you to customize your profile, no group chat (at least that I can find), and a terrible mail system. (Example: want to view messages you've sent? Too bad, you can't).

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Guest mirancs8

I've probably gotten the most odd balls & scammers on LDSPlanet but yes I agree LDSMingles has a better interface. I like the fact that when someone wants to chat you are given options to either chat, not interested to chat, or Not interested now but another time. LDSPlanet doesn't give you that option and that can be a bit of a pain.

Because you get more scammers on LDSPlanet means you spend more time weeding through that stuff. Clue in, if he's widowed with a couple of kids with pictures that seem way to perfect (staged) ask him a few specific church related questions and you'll quickly see he's not who he says he is :eek:. I don't see myself staying on LDSPlanet much longer that's for sure.

A single woman's perspective :D

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See The Difference

Created, owned, and operated by LDS members, LDS Fusion is one of the newest and best gathering places for single Latter-day Saints (a.k.a. Mormons) on the internet. The goal of LDS Fusion is to provide a fun and decent place for LDS singles to meet, chat, and get to know each from all over. Just click on the link below to learn a little more about the features you will receive!

Lifetime membership for free!

LDS Singles Dating on LDS Fusion

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Guest robotgayle

Heartpersonals promise you to make single dating an easy and more enjoyable experience. We specializes in singles events and travel in cities across the United States and Canada for you only to meet you singles partner. People who participate in single dating events will meet with a new group of singles where they learn new skill, make fun and relax, or indulge in their own passions.


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There is a new online LDS Singles dating website that I would highly recommend. It is called Latter Dating Saints. The website is clean and free of distracting advertisements. It is ran by a real LDS couple who also met each other on an online dating website. It is free for a limited time so check them out!

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On 6/4/2010 at 8:04 AM, FunkyTown said:

I'm uncertain on this.

A background check, I guess would be okay. They don't want to date someone who's a criminal or the like.

But if I found out that someone launched an investigation in to me? I'd politely but firmly end the relationship. That sort of paranoia has no place. Lots of people have dated before the age of background checks and that worked out pretty well.

You and me, both.  Just because someone has a record does not mean they are horrible.  Maybe it was a lesson they needed to learn?  Maybe it was the better of two evils?  Maybe they are really innocent?

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