Can you enroll in Institute if you haven't attended Seminary?

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Hey there! I'm Marie. As the title suggests, I have NEVER attended seminary. Long story short, my family was inactive for awhile due to complicated family matters, and failed to take the initiative to enroll me or inform me about seminary while I was in high school. Now, the obstacles preventing my family from attending church have lifted, and we've been back on track and studying the scriptures like we should. However, I would like to gain a higher education in the gospel. I'm about to turn 18 and start college in the fall, and I have no idea where I should be going to do so. I understand that Institute is where students my age SHOULD be, but without the basic fundamentals of the scriptures gained in Seminary, I feel that it would be more beneficial to my gospel understanding to attend Seminary and work my way up. :confused: Hmm..

What I am wondering, however, is, will I be allowed to attend Seminary although I am not a high school student? Or must I take seminary first before I go on to Institute? Or would it be better to skip Seminary and go straight to Institute despite my void of Seminary education and just work hard/self-study to catch up? This a very complicated matter, and I've asked several church authorities (except my Bishop, he's out on vacation till August), and I can't seem to find any answers. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks! ^_^

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Institute is only typically a little more in-depth than Seminary, depending on which courses you take. People who are post-high school converts to the Church never attend Seminary, yet they enroll in Institute. Don't worry about the background (or lack thereof), and don't be afraid to ask questions in your Institute classes.

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Thanks guys, I've decided to take your word and just jump to Institute. Now to figure out how to enroll, and at what time are Institute classes running down here in AZ. I'll have college classes starting the 23rd on Monday through Thursday, and I'll be working at Deseret Industries Friday and Saturday, so I just hope Institute will be early enough in the morning to attend otherwise I'll have some schedule rearranging to do. And surprise! I was born into the church as well as most of my father's family leading down to the establishment of the church. Like I said, complicated matters. Fortunately we never lost our faith in Heavenly Father, the church, and our values, we just weren't able to attend our ward for awhile. Luckily we've been getting on track and have noticed its been a great blessing. Anyways, thanks again everyone for your clarification of Institute! I can't wait. :)

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I've started Institute, I was invited by a friend in our ward to come and I loved it. I've only just become a member this year (being 16), so I had already missed out on two years of Seminary.. I can't actually go to Seminary because I have to catch the bus rather early.. meaning I'd be missing out on most of it.

I got permission to go to Institute, so I can start a full year next year. :)

It's way fun!

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