Pornography Addiction Recovery


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I'm new to the site and joined primarily to access a group of internet savy saints that might be willing to take advantage of a support group for those of us suffering from pornography addiction. I have looked around and haven't found an internet type meeting, via skype or chat that is specific to LDS and porn. I attended the church recovery group for addiction recovery and found it very helpful. However, I think that any of you that are dealing with this issue will agree, it only takes you so far. I would really like to develop a safe community of friends helping each other through this. The site I started is just a yahoo group atm and we'll see where it goes from there. If you have any interest please follow the link below and sign up. Also, if you know someone that could benefit please direct them here.

LDS Pornography Addiction Recovery

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I'm a new convert, but I lived in the world for almost 30 years and didn't belong to any church. Although I never had an issue or an interest in pornography, I do have some personal experience with addiction. I was also an outreach counselor with a small community program some years ago and the majority of the clients we had were all in some sort of recovery program.

Apart from stopping whatever it is you're addicted to, I would recommend figuring out exactly what gateways you use to get to your addiction and eliminating them. If you have a problem with websites, have someone you know and trust put a password protected filter on your computer so you can't get there even if you tried.

Another suggestion I'd like to make is go out of your way not to be bored. That may seem silly and trivial, but as long as you're occupied doing other things then you will always be doing other things. I think putting together a circle of friends who can help one another is fantastic. I wish I could be of more help.

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