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yeah, it was Chiefs beating Broncos. I just thought that might have been what you picked anyway! :) SD up next to get scalped by the Chiefs. Oh wait, that's not PC is it? oh well.

You were saying?

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OK Pam, but it would have been different if we had a QB in the game. Since ours was out with appendix removal we had to resort to a stand-in who had not played this season.

Yeah the chargers shut out the chiefs for the first time in 50 years, but who is in first place in the division.

Hmm I guess I don't know my math as well as I thought I did. Chargers shut out the Chiefs 17-0 in 1992. Hmmm 2010-1992 equals 50?

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KC is up one game with 3 games left in regular season. A lot can change in 3 games. If KC takes the division then I'll congratulate you. Until then....

Plus we are even as far as division wins/losses ...nuff said

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Week 17, where you don't know how to pick.

Is NE going to coast, since it has nothing left to win (Indy used to do it every year)?

Will the Vikes start Bret ("These Wranglers need a better fly") Favre?

I assume that Cards vs 49ers will be legit: both are trying to escape the division cellar (although a couple of more wins, and they'd be competing for the division title).

One game I can guarantee will be in earnest: Chi at GB. GB has a shot at the playoffs and Chi will bring it because it's the Bears and the Packers.

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