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Hi there, I'm Maureen, from CT, been a member for very long time.... veeerrryy looooong tiime, and now my husband decided to take the bis step, we hope to be sealed by April 2011 :twothumbsup:

we have two kids... kid one and kid two :D

Kid one is 14 years old and going to technical school :thumbsup:

Kid two is a princes/brat/screaming-monster thing that will be the death on my husband and I, and with only 6 years I'm ready to send her to college.

I'm from San Jose Costa Rica, my husband from New York, and I've been in the states for almost 18 years.

I was introduced to the church when I was 12 by :sparklygrin: two very handsome missionaries who used to visit my father who became member before me, the charming young guys :surrenderwave: got me at hello :animatedlol: but out of all that they said I was capture by the beauty of the Salt Lake Temple (which I never seen in person) and the eternity of families.

Little that they knew I came to be a part time missionary for the Family Search and Church History Dep. and I've been a family history consultant for as far I remember.

Nowadays I still hold the same calling but with a little difference, now is my own sealing the one I'm preparing to take to the Temple

I'm happy to be here and hope to share and learn about many things not only about the church.



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Hi Maureen, ty for your post, and welcome to this site. It must be a very exciting time for you and your family and ty for sharing it with us. It will be a very rememberable time for you Im sure of it. Have you been to the temple before? Well many blessings to you, your husband and your children. Enjoy!!

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