2nd Chance by James Patterson

Dr T

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I wonder if the art of reading still exists anymore...

Anyway, the last book was 2nd Chance by James Patterson. This was the second book in a series that started with First To Die. The women’s murder club reconvenes following a shooting at a church that leaves the taste of a racial murder. This book had Lindsey as the new lieutenant in the homicide department and she meets with her other 3 girlfriends. This book had the “whodoneitness” that I appreciated but also drew us deeper into the characters by having other person stuff like romance, returning father, other health concerns, going to a prison to meet with the head of a prison gang and some twists and turns. While I expected some of them it was still entertaining and fun to see how they played out. This book was fun. I’d give it 3.5 stars out of 5

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