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President Thomas S. Monson - Saturday a.m. session

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5 new temples announced:

Lisbon, Portugal

Indianapolis, Indiana

Urdaneta, Philippines

Hardford, Connecticut

Tijuana, Mexico

Let every worthy and able young man should prepare to serve a mission.

Young men, prepare for service as a mission, keep yourselves clean and pure and worthy to represent the Lord.

Maintain your health and strength

Study your scriptures

Participate in seminary/institute

Familarize yourself with Preach My Gospel

Need many more senior couples to serve missions.

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I did not hear this one for some reason the English sound was gone and by the time I got to the Finnish sound he was announcing the temples and I heard a bit of the translation about the young me on mision.... then I tried to fint the English voice again... I had the picture and the singing came trough... but not the english sound when the Profet was talking. After that the voice was working perfectly the rest of the two conferances.

'Congrats to the new Temples! And thanks Pam that you put them on here!

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I'm really excited about the Tijuana, Mexico temple. Those people go constantly to the temple. They travel up to the San Diego temple by the busloads.

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