Elder Jeffrey R. Holland - Saturday a.m. session

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The church draws incomparable strength. A truly unique vitality from the faith and devotion from every member of this church.

You are individually loved by God. You are cherished and prayed for by the officers of the Church.

Grateful for Young Women leaders who attend girls camps and turn them into riveting spiritual experiences.

Grateful for the leaders of the young men who participate in bone rattling 50 mile hikes or sleep in ice caves.

Thank goodness for all the “helpers” in the kingdom.

He spoke of sacrificing parents and relayed a story in his own life. He saved and saved for his mission. Coming home he discovered that his parents were leaving on their own mission. He was worried about how he would fund college and pay living expenses. He also discovered that his parents used none of the money from his savings to fund his mission. His mother who had never worked outside the home, took a job in a department store to help fund his mission.

He thanked moms and dads and others for sacrificing for their children and other children.

No one is insignificant. We all make the gospel of Jesus Christ what it is.

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Elder Holland's discussion of how he discovered what his parents had done for him while he was on his mission brought me to tears.

It reminded me a little of one of the posters on here (mormonmusic, maybe?) whose parents didn't support him in going, and wouldn't contribute financially, but while he was gone, they tucked away into a savings account for him each month the very amount that he was paying to stay in the field, so that when he got home, he had $10,000 (or whatever) waiting for him.

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