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Elder Richard G. Scott - Saturday p.m. session

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The exercise of faith is vital to the plan of happiness of Father in Heaven.

Faith in salvation is centered on the Lord Jesus Christ.

Faith is a principle of action and of power.

The more your character is fortified, the more enabled you are to benefit in exercising the power of faith.

You’ll discover how faith and character interact to strengthen each other.

Righteous character is more valuable than any material possession you own.

Neither Satan or any other power can undermine your character.

What are some of the empowering principles upon which faith is based?

1. Faith in God

2. Obedience to His commandments.

3. Sensitivity to the quiet promptings of the Holy Spirit.

4. Courageous implementation of that prompting.

5. Patient and understanding when God lets you struggle and grow.

God will not always reward you immediately according to your desires, but will respond with what is in His eternal plan is best for you. When it will yield the best advantage.

The bedrock of character is integrity.

Your character is a measure of what you are becoming. It is the evidence of how well you are using your time on earth in this period of mortal probation.

“You get what you pay for” is true in spiritual matters as well.

Satan’s increasing influence in the world is allowed. To provide an atmosphere in which to prove ourselves.

He must operate within the bounds that is set by the Lord.

He cannot alter character that has been woven by righteous decisions.

He cannot quench true faith. He cannot take away testimony.

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