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Elder Russell M. Nelson - Priesthood session

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We need to remind ourselves why we have missionaries.

It is because of a commandment from the Lord.

Missionaries serve now just as they did in New Testament times.

Whether full time missionaries or members we should all be good examples of the believers in Jesus Christ.

52,000+ missionaries, 340 missions around the world. They are believers and devoted servants of the Lord. Their purpose is to help people come unto Christ.

We need more worthy missionaries.

As a member of the church, reach out to those you do not know. Extend a hand of fellowship each Sunday to someone you do not know.

Invite your friends to read the Book of Mormon prayerfully.

Invite friends to meet with full time missionaries in your home.

Scripture tells us that there are many on the earth who are kept from the truth only because they know not where to find it.

Now with the internet, there are new and exciting ways to do missionary work. If you have blogs and social networks you can link to your site.

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