President Thomas S. Monson - Priesthood session

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Scarcely an hour of the day goes by that we aren’t called upon to make choices.

3 catergories of choice

The right of choice

The responsibility of choice

The results of choice.

I call these the 3 R’s of choice

Within the confines of whatever circumstances we find ourselves, we will always have the right to choose.

Next, with the right of choice comes the responsibility to choose. We cannot be neutral; there is no middle ground. The Lord knows this; Lucifer knows this. As long as we live upon this earth, Lucifer and his hosts will never abandon the hope of claiming our souls.

Each of us has come to this earth with all the tools necessary to make correct choices. The prophet Mormon tells us, “The Spirit of Christ is given to every man, that he may know good from evil.”

No temptation, no pressure, no enticing can overcome us unless we allow such. If we make the wrong choice, we have no one to blame but ourselves.

Decisions do determine destiny.

Make a decision right now. Not to deviate from the path that takes us to our Father in Heaven.

All of our choices have consequences.

Whether Deacons or High Priests, we are susceptible to making wrong choices.

Salvation is an individual operation.

The Three Rs of Choice

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