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What did you find were some very common themes throughout conference during these sessions?

Some of mine:

1. The need to follow the Prophet

2. Getting back to fundamental basics

3. Agency and choices

Your thoughts?

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and where would he get that kind of statistic....

as to Pam's original question..

1) I felt an overwhelming need to love my family and fellowman without judging them.

2) The importance of a personal testimony of Christ

3) Slow down in this hectic world and go back to basics - personal and family scripture study, prayer and Family home evening.

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I also heard many times that we do receive revelation as individuals and because of this we can KNOW the truth. We can know that God lives, that Jesus is His Son, and that eternal life is only available through Him.

We can also know that the Book of Mormon is scripture given to us through Joseph Smith by the power of God.

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I think it was talking to the youth a lot. Our youth is strugeling and they do need strength to meet the world, that dont sometimes even like our standards.

Church ahs grown so much that members do need their own chanal to the Hevenly Father for answers.

No one is safe any more, we need a strong faith and we need to know how to find answers or be stubborn :D.

Really fantastic conferance!

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This scripture was quoted or refered to in four different talks during the conference.

2 Nephi 2:14 And now, my sons, I speak unto you these things for your profit and learning; for there is a God, and he hath created all things, both the heavens and the earth, and all things that in them are, both things to act and things to be acted upon.

The first time I heard about this verse as intended was while listening to a recording of a Cleon Skousen talk given in 1980. Wherein he related a story about how John A Widtsoe taught him about the Atonement. A Personal Search for the Meaning of the Atonement

Anyway, I guess that the Presidency wants us to start acting and to stop being acted upon...

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I so learned that I need a towel instead of kleenex. My heart was so full. I could not stop crying. Being able to listen and see the conference at home is such a blessing to us at this time.

We have asked and we have received. Now it is our turn to take these words and apply them to our lives. We have our agency, the choice is ours. This was told to us. The choice of how we will be accountable for that choice is not ours.

You know I did not feel that one word was said that was not guided by love.

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Addiction to prescription drugs, I thought was an interesting topic.

I thought so too, Snoozer. I expect there to be multiple warnings about immorality and porn at each conference, but I was struck by the detailed warnings against prescription drug abuse.

Overall I think the theme that I noticed the most was that of agency. President Monson dwelt on it at length in his priesthood session talk, and there was related discussion in many of the other talks.

My vote for "best talk," though, goes to Elder Kearon, who I'd never heard of. What an awesome talk that was!

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  • 6 months later...

Hi every body--hope you enjoy Conference as much as I do.

I am over eighty years young--have watched,and or listened to many conferences,

some great talks are always given.

Paull H. Dunn was one of my favorit speakers before he was released. Since then I have many "favorite" speakers.

Brothers and Sisters, just remember--the Gospel is true-Joseph was as He said He was, and did what he said he did--met with the Father and Son--then, later, met with Maroni, and several of the other.

The Son, Jesus, was born of a Virgin, taught as He said, was crucified and died on the cross--then the most wonderful of all-"He is not here, He is risin...." My testimony is that He lives-----He lives.

Kenneth L. Farr

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