See Yourself as God Sees You by Josh McDowell

Dr T

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See Yourself as God Sees You by Josh McDowell was the next book I finished. This little book was ok and worth the read. The author put some psychological things into it, peppered it with a lot of scripture, focused on who we are based on what the Bible tells us, some influences about how we view ourselves, how God really sees us and the value He sees in us. In the end it makes us think and focus on asking God to let us see ourselves and God sees us and see others and God intends us to see them and really focuses more on the reality of self-identity in relation to Jesus. God sees us as loved, valuable and competent because He has work for us to do. I’d give this book maybe a 3.5 to 3.75 stars out of 5 stars. I rated it this way because this book was not an eye opener to me, had some good readings from the Bible about us and our identity in Christ. I also did like the questions it asked for us to consider. Maybe I’d give it between a 3.75 and 4 start instead. This book was almost 210 pages. I am almost finished with The Screwtape Letters by C.S. Lewis and this put a damper on my rating on this book so I guess I can bring it up some. I did not think it was on the same caliber as that Lewis' book. I moved my rating up slightly but Screwtape it is not. I'd recommend you read this book, it was worth reading.
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Thank you for the link Ram. Wow, there are a lot of threads there. I only looked at the top one and would have to reserve my star rating on those for now since I didn't really "read" them. :) I see things as sometimes we read things or a little bit more we'd r.e.a.d. it and if we put in time we'd rrrreeeeeaaaaaaddddddd it. I skimed that one thread. Thank you again Ram.

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