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I have a simply amazing genealogy program I just love. It has the best views of the family tree I have ever seen. It's called iFamily, and it cost about $29. I couldn't be happier with it.

Unfortunately, the sole developer of it passed away. While it is certainly not an emergency, I am in the market for a good Mac genealogy app. Reunion is the 800 pound gorilla in this room. Has anybody used it? Is it worth the $100 it costs?

Can anybody recommend a different Mac genealogy app? Free trials are good. I can export in standard GEDCOM format, of course, to migrate my data, and would prefer to be able to do so in the free trial to see how badly it mangles any custom fields on import.

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My wife works for a company that develops genealogy add-on software. Her boss is a huge Mac Lover but as he has said many times there is just not enough Genealogy Mac users to make it worth the huge expense involved in developing Mac version Genealogy software. The IBM market is just too large, for example he ran a promotion this week and today alone I am helping her send out over 100 CD's.

I am sure there must be a few Mac version software but they might take some searching to find.

Good Luck with your search

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RootsMagic4 can be run on is a weblink to read about it: RootsMagic and Mac

I love working with RootsMagic4, it is compatible with the website which makes it so much easier to keep up with Temple ordinance submissions & status. I also have it on a flashstick so that I can travel with it & still be able to continue my work when I visit family history centers all over the U.S.

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This is a copy & paste from another thread about the "MacFamilyTree" software, some of it applies:

To answer your first question about "FAMILY TREE GENIUS"; this is the PC version of the MAC software "MacFamilyTree". In my opinion, the charting and graphics are quit remarkable; but can be found on other websites, furthermore, I don't find that they are very useful. This really is a game of simplicity BECAUSE it becomes to complicated when you get very far back (i.e. 334 BC). The MAC version does support a vast array of file formats and information processes. Again, though, these can be found in most good programs. Also, the MAC version is LDS compatible so I would imagine the PC version will be eventually. Even with the extensive amount of time spent in the program, I still have not become comfortable with the navigation- there seems to be an excessive amount of 'going backwards'. For more information about this you might want to read the reviews for the MAC version which is normally 3:5. I would probably agree until I get frustrated then it would get a 2.

Hope this helps.

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