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A person in a discusition claimed once that Jewish dont have a word and dont know what a spirit is? (or a ghost .. there may be a translation difficulty here.) Is that right? So it would be very difficult to explain about life before and after earth life.

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An old thread, but this might be interesting to someone;

My Taichi teacher years ago told me that the Chinese word 'chi' can mean different things depending upon the context in which it's used. So it may mean breath, energy, spirit, light, and such. (It's usually pronounced more like 'zhi'). The Japanese 'ki' is the same, as is Hebrew 'ruach' (perhaps a more phonetic spelling?) the Latin 'spiritus', and the Greek 'pneuma'.

It's obvious to see that in translation from one language to another, the word for 'energy' might be taken to mean 'ghost', and so on. But then translations offer a huge potential for errors, and not just in what single words may mean.

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