Prescription meds?


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Please forgive me because I know this question must be floating around on this site. I don't have a high speed access and searching takes forever.

How to you plan for people who take Rx meds for health conditions?

I'm investigating the church and before I even met a Mormon or knew who you were, we had some food storage. :D I left it for a while and I'm back into it again due to some of what I perceive as "bad stuff going on in the world"


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Some medicines keep for longer than others. Find out which of the meds you need have long shelf lives, then ask your doctor to write you enough scripts to cover them. This may require some effort and persuasion on your part, but I think if you explain it to him as an economic preparedness measure he'll understand.

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If you have insurance coverage, the insurance company limits you to a 30 day supply; but you can refill the prescriptions every 25-26 days. I have been doing this for a while now and have accumulated a four month advance supply at no extra cost. Be sure you use them in the order received to avoid out of date medicines.

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