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Jacob 6:8

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Jacob Chapter 6Â*

8 Behold, will ye reject these words? Will ye reject the words of the prophets; and will ye reject all the words which have been spoken concerning Christ, after so many have spoken concerning him; and deny the good word of Christ, and the power of God, and the gift of the Holy Ghost, and quench the Holy Spirit, and make a mock of the great plan of redemption, which hath been laid for you?

Quote for Discussion

“Quench the Holy Spirit”

Persons quench the Spirit when they break the commandments of God and fail to repent; when they begin to ignore the certain voice of conscience and thus sprinkle water upon the flame—the Spirit kindled within them. We also quench the Spirit by ignoring its pleadings, by failing to heed the still, small voice.

Ibid, p. 80

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