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Jacob 7:2

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Jacob Chapter 7Â*

2 And it came to pass that he began to preach among the people, and to declare unto them that there should be no Christ. And he preached many things which were flattering unto the people; and this he did that he might overthrow the doctrine of Christ.

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There should be no Christ

The anti-Christ is bent upon the overthrow of the plan of God. He or she has partaken of that spirit of rebellion which resulted in the expulsion of one-third of all of the children of the Eternal Father in the premortal world. Prior to the meridian of time the anti-Christ contended that there would be no Christ and that no man had the ability to speak authoritatively concerning things future. The anti-Christ contends that there is no need for a Savior; that man is perfectly capable of securing his own happiness and well-being; and that any trust in or allegiance to things beyond human reach or reason is futile. Clever ploys of the modern anti-Christ include an insistence upon the preeminence of man; an exaggerated stress upon man’s self-reliance; an emphasis upon Jesus as the great moral teacher and community leader, with a corresponding deemphasis upon the necessity for spiritual regeneration through a blood atonement.

Millet & McConkie, Doctrinal Commentary on the BOM, Vol. 2, p. 82-83

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