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Our new primary schedule is not one I have seen before. From Sacrament Meeting we go straight to classes. After class there is a 10 minute break, though we are not to dismiss our classes. We are to send them in small groups to the bathroom and to get drinks. We are then to plan something for the class to do during the 10 minute break.

My question is what to do during this time. Any suggestions?

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We do the same in our ward.

This is how I organized my Primary CTR 7 class (I was released last November):

5 mins - opening prayer and review of last week's lesson.

10 mins - introduction of new lesson (usually a scripture reference study or a personal story)

20-30 mins (depends on whether sacrament ends early or not) - discussion/object lesson

15 mins - journal and water-break

The journal portion is where I do the water break/bathroom break. Basically, at the start of the year, I gave each student a thin 3-ring binder with 47 sheet protectors in it (there are 47 lessons in the CTR 7 class). The first week of the year, they decorated their own folders to make it unique. Then each week, I give them colored cardstock paper (they get to choose the colors from the package) and at the end of the discussion time, they would draw/write/etc on the cardstock paper on what they learned in the lesson. I usually print out the scripture verses and some stuff they can use to paste onto the cardstock - like a picture they can color, or some puzzle they can put together, etc. By November last year, they had their folders filled up and it looks like a scrapbook and once in a while we would go through each page and do "remember when" discussions... I keep the folders every week in the Primary closet. I gave it out to them in November when I got released (the new teacher didn't use this same plan) - it was supposed to be at the end of the year, but I gave it out to them early when I got released.

Anyway, the journal activity gave the kids the chance to go to the bathroom in turns and it helps the kids to not have any papers and stuff to take home every week that usually just ends up in the trash can.

Hope this helps.

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Whoa. This was a while ago. It brought lots of fond memories. I REALLY MISS THAT CLASS! I loved teaching that class. While reminiscing on that class, the first thing that came to my mind is the time we "acted out" the story of the Samaritan. That was an awesome lesson. Kids this age LOVE to do pretend acting. They really get into it that for a little while I was worried they'd really beat up the Samaritan! LOL! And I didn't even have to come up with the script - I had a script ready but they didn't bother using it. They acted it all out on their own using their own words and everything.

I've been Singing Time Leader since then until now and this calling is TOUGH! I've been teaching the kids to sing in harmony for over a year. They're finally getting it, I think. We sang that song that goes "Mary, Mary, hush see the child" last Christmas in 2-part round. It was great! We also sang Beautiful Savior last Easter with the girls singing descant on the 3rd verse. Came out okay. Then we're singing Love is Spoken Here with 2 part harmony on Mother's Day and man, we practiced it last Sunday and it brought tears to my eyes. They were that good.

I've been super blessed with my callings and yes, I miss Relief Society but I wouldn't trade Primary for it unless I have to!

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