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Worst Adapted Movie You Have Seen?

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Well, since we're coming out of the closet, so to speak, and admitting unpopular likes, then let me just say:

I enjoyed Pullman's His Dark Materials trilogy, I thought they did a moderately-ok The Golden Compass movie out of the first book!

I also think there's really nothing wrong with Pullman's work that isn't also wrong with the Harry Potter series.


Yikes I had so many issues with that movie. It made everything pretty, made the characters even worse than they were in the books, and polished everything up as to destroy anything controversial about it. I was sorely disappointed with that adaption as I LOVE His Dark Materials. At least the story. I always felt the characters were terrible.

OK - I'm shamelessly hijacking this thread for give you my opinionated views on Philip Pullman...

I've mixed feelings about His Dark Materials. Pullman is a wonderful writer, but his stories suffer from bad planning. Northern Lights (the book you Yanks call The Golden Compass) was a wonderful opening, but it spreads the canvas so wide that the ending was never going to be satisfactory. The eposodes of Cittagaze and the "Tower of Angels", Lyra's "death", the underworld, the Mulefa are all wonderful in themselves, but tied together with very unconvincing storyline.

I agree the Golden Compass movie was good. It's a pity they didn't finish the trilogy though. I blame the Catholics...

I think I support this statement.

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Hey, hey, hey, Canadians are suppose to be nice, waz up with dat? :D

I'm sure you got it, Slamjet. But for those unfamiliar with Strange Brew, Hosehead, is a very "special" character :]

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