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I been doing some misionary work on the internett and I love it. What I do is : I translate FAIRwiki and mormonwiki and have a discusition board for my language. All those undet More Good Foundation. I also have a couple LDS bloggs in my language that I have not done much on lately. I post LDS stuff on my fb site.

Lately a new LDS misionary internett site was opend at Internet MTC | Digital Missionaries and I am there too... curious to see what it all is about.

Lately I was contacted by MTC Provo for some on line teaching of my language to the misionaris coming to my country... so once a week I will be talking on skype to some missionaries coming to my country.

There is so much to do... if one has time... which seems pretty bad for me now that I have started to jobb too. The jobb is just some idioty jobb, but it gives some money to the bankropcy... Oh I went to Missionary ServiceÂ* to be with the MTC Provo thing.

There is also a site where you can go when ypun have time and do some timetaking check of punktuations aso... for ensighn, or some video stuff cant recall where that was but you get in only with your Church id...

oh and then there is always the Finnish discusition site, the bad one.

Stil I need someone to tell me to sit down and translate... it is too easy to use time on these forums! Anyway I am no more moderating this site... I jsut had no tiem to be here so much, just visiting every now and then.

If your motherstongue is not English... translateing good stuff is important!

See you around!

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