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Since per the site rules, I am allowed to post one thread concerning a website that might be of interest to LDS members here goes. I've been working on this website since 2009 and never thought to post a thread on it.

I adopted a site from TheMoreGoodFoundation. This site is designed to be a resource site for those that might be seeking quotes, talks, scriptures and even some videos of subjects pertaining to LDS beliefs and doctrine.

While the quotes and talks are not mine, all the work pertaining to putting this together is mine. I've spent hours upon hours working on it and add something to it every day.

So if you are looking for quotes, talks etc. on subjects ranging from the Atonement to debt to education to Jesus Christ hopefully this site will be of some help.

If there is a particular subject you are looking for and can't find, send me a message and I will do everything in my power to provide some references. It's always and forever will be a work in progress as there is always new material to add.


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