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Hey everybody, there is a new group for the youth of the Church who are 14 or older. Essentially if you are in high school you can join and talk about...anything.

Seminary, school, church, friends, problems, family, etc.

Check it out and join if you want!

Go to: Groups-->Support Groups-->Youth 14+

*edit to add link* Groups » Youth 14 » LDS Social Network

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I would ignore all new claims of new forum groups that do not come from Pam, John Doe, or Heather. They're the only ones, as far as I understand, who can create new groups in this forum.

User's can create groups. If you check out the groups his is actually on the top under new groups.

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I would think it'd be awkward to be on the computer and stand at the same time. Do you hunch over or do you have a really tall desk? Posted Image

I stand while typing with my toes on the keyboard that's on the floor, smart-a...a...a...alack! :D

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