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I did it a hundred years ago. Way back then, it was more fluff and less substance...however, in a very practical sense it helped. One main focus was goal setting. In our book, we set a goal, wrote the steps, set dates to accomplish the steps, and chose someone to whom to be accountable. This has proven to be very useful!

I was just released as YW President after two years. I am partly finished with the current PP program. I have found that personal progress can really help a woman to rely on her relationship with Christ.

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I finished it! It helped so much. There are so many reasons why. It built my testimony, it helped me practice goal-setting, but mostly it cleared up my attitude. In seventh grade (Ugh, I hate to admit this!) I was not the greatest girl. I hung out with the wrong friends, told perverted jokes, and was just overall not the best person to be around, and I knew it. I started doing personal progress a little later though, because I was bored, and realized that I was about halfway done! From there I went, as my leader at the time put it, Gung Ho at it for the next several months. I finished the program three months before I became a Mia Maid. I look back at it, and I can see every little detail I improved on. I started by not hanging out with certain people and groups, which led to not hearing more perverted jokes. I realized how awful it was to tell those jokes, so I stopped, and without those not-great people I didn't hear any more of them. My thoughts became more positive, and with it my self-esteem. I started caring about myself and others a little more. I read the scriptures. (In fact, the Virtue 10-hour project, Reading the BOM, was probably the biggest influence). I can say with pride that I am at least five times the person, character-wise, that I was a couple years ago. I am working at my honor bee right now, and enjoying every minute of it.

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I realize this was posted a while ago, but don't give up! YW PP has helped me in ways I couldn't foresee. As those before mentioned, it gave me purpose and the ability to set reasonable and worthy goals. Some of it did feel a bit "busy," but the rewards have been great. I made a scrapbook while I did personal progress as I finished each value, and wound up taking that on my mission with me. Whenever I felt down and out, I would pull that out when we got back to the apartment and thumb through it and it would energize me again. I was by no means "wonder girl" and did not stand necessarily out in my group of girls, but I grew so much during those years. It is a worthy accomplishment and I feel that it brought me so much closer to Christ. Now you have made me want to go through the book again! :-) You can do it!

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Guest Denzel

I began by not clinging out with certain individuals and categories, which led to not listening to more perverted humor. I noticed how terrible it was to tell those humor, so I ceased, and without those not-great individuals I didn't listen to any more of them. My ideas became more good, and with it my self-esteem.

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Guest qweasd

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