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I just got assigned my Farewell Topic and it is - How am I using the gospel blueprint (the plan of salvation) to prepare myself for a mission? I just started working on it today and have run into a bit of a block... Does anyone have some good ideas that I could use?

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Idea #1:

- You left the comfort of your Father & Heavenly Home to come to earth.

- You are leaving the comfort of your parents to go to those whom you will teach.

Idea #2:

- In the Council in Heaven, you chose to follow your Heavenly Father's plan.

- You have chosen on your own to follow the Prophet's council that all able and worthy young men are to serve a mission.

Idea #3:

- You have been given scriptures to help you to learn the commandments and to follow the path that God has laid out for you.

- You will be given additional information and instruction for your new calling as a missionary. (White handbook, etc.)

Idea #4:

- Relate how any previous callings have helped you to prepare for your missionary service: quorum leadership, home teaching, seminary, etc.

Idea #5:

- Heavenly Father won't send unqualified messengers for his Gospel. He will fill your mind and your heart with the things you should say.

Idea #6:

- You were given the Gift of the Holy Ghost as a constant companion.

- You will be given another companion that won't be quite as nice to you. :)

There are many parallels to missionary service and the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Just look for those and how you can draw out your own preparations and experiences.

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