One God or Three? Exploring the Tri-unity of God in the OT by Stanley Rosenthal

Dr T

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One God or Three?Exploring the Tri-unity of God in the OT by Stanley Rosenthal

This is a great little book. It was clear and had concise biblical explanations of the triunity of God. The author did not like the word Trinity because he feared how people can often confused the term with polytheism. This book looked at the Old Testament scriptures and did some Hebrew word analysis. Overall I thought this book was very well written and easy to understand. This book was written by a Jewish believer in the Messiah which was an added bonus. The above scripture (called the Shema) is the basis of the Jewish faith. This verse establishes that the Jewish faith is monotheistic and he consistently pointed that out. I really enjoyed being a student while reading this book and it was fun to me. He showed the plurality of God what the words mean and pointed out how others read these verses in wrong ways. This little book was great and I’d highly recommend reading it and studying it.

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