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Dr T

One Man, God’s Man by Stephen Arterburn

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One Man, God’s Man by Kenny Luck

Why I picked this book up: I won from another site previously read another book in this series. I enjoy reading about this book's topic so I requested my name be considered in book selection. In actuality I was not very impressed with the first book that I read in this series but the topic was more important to me than my impression of the first book that I read.

General thoughts: The author, Kenny Luck, seemed like a real person to me. He didn't seem overly or submanly and had a way of laying out what we face in the world today. This book, although easy to read, started off slowly building up to my buy in. It seemed rather simplistic and boring but because it was a book I said I'd read and review I continued reading. I am grateful I did and that I was selected.

Why I finished this book: The end of this book finally buy in for me. I believe we’ve been put on this earth for a reason and are meant to live a life for God. At the end of this book I really started to see its use in a men’s group and it had some really good perspectives in becoming “God’s man.” I actually flipped back through the earlier chapters too.

Stars: I rated this book at a 3 stars because I would have rated much lower but it came from behind for me at the very end so it earned its way into the middle of the star range.

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