My dream [POEM]


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If all the knowledge inked in books

Could be in one great text,

With one great title on its front

And only one index,

The words that I would like to see

Upon that mighty cover,

Would be imprinted much like this:

"To love your fellow-brother."

And then if man from sea to sea

Would read the script therein,

And understand its mighty facts

And realize his own sin,

Then thoughts would change from

Those of crime,

Of greed and cruel aggression,

To those of universal love

And brotherly affection...

If in this world of want and war

A union could be met,

With brotherhood its mighty head

And God its legal set,

Then life would thrive and man would live,

And peace would rule supreme,

And I would know a world,

Which now

To me is but a dream

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