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I've been in the market of buying a new vial to replace some of the cheaper ones I've been using. Too often the ones in my possession either break or tarnish an ugly color due to the cheapness of their workmanship. So I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions (retailers, specific kinds) that are considered pretty high quality. One's that are aesthetically pleasing and more importantly, durable.

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I also recommend those. The coolest thing about them is that they have a dropper tip, so dispensing a drop of oil is as easy as putting an eyedrop into your eye. The plastic is pretty durable, also: I had one that lasted my whole mission in my backpack and it never leaked (assuming I screwed the lid on tight!). They're not fancy but they're aesthetic in their simplicity. I suppose with a little DIY work you could make it a little fancier. They also hold quite a bit of oil, so running out of oil will be a rare thing but they are refillable by taking the dropper tip off with a needlenose plier.

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I have one of the plastic bottles with the dropper but I also went and bought a key chain one. If you decide to get a key chain one, I personally recommend that you don't get one with a design on it. As nice as it looks, all the ones I have used have the design rubbed off by the keys, making it sometimes pointless to have.

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The small plastic containers from the distribution center are what my husband likes best. They aren't fancy. They don't cost a lot. They don't tarnish or change the color or the oil.

They also don't look special....but they work.

No boubt adoubt it!

The fancy ones always have the rubber stopper go out. The bottles work better. Additionally, anything made of glass WILL break. As careful as I've been, I've had it happen. Plus the plastic droppers are dirt cheap. In fact, our ward bought a whole box of them

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