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Well to introduce myself, I am a 27 year old Christian, who over the last year and a half has fallen in love with a Mormon girl she is 24, has had a rough life so far, she is recovering from leukemia, her last boyfriend took advantage of her ( they were engaged) cheated on her and got a 14 year old girl pregnant.

So i knew i was at a disadvantage but feel this is true. Enough for me to buy a diamond promise ring to give her once we met ( i truly believe we would have had that spark & still do) . Im not a man that wants to go fast. I am not a man looking for sex. my morals say that is something that is done in a strong marriage.

I had planned a week to visit her recently. I bought a plane tkt took a week off of work. I went to her. Yeah i had fears i knew she did.. as agreed upon she picked me up at the airport & took me to my hotel. (i gave her the control of where i would be by not getting a rental car). she dropped me off and was supposed to come back for dinner, never did. I was hurt, confused and possibly a bit angry even if i dont want to admit that . I changed my ticket and flew back out only after being there a day. I got a couple msgs that said " death in family she couldn't see me"

I come to learn that due to her parents, she was stopped and could not come back. (she lives at home currently). I dont feel that she has lied to me before this. but my trust s broke. I am considering writing her parents appealing for their blessings to meet her again. I want to give this a shot but i admit its truly hard being 1000 miles away from someone you love, and feel its denied by them or those who have the authority in her life.

I want to learn about the Mormon faith, i have done a fair amount of reading. I cant commit to converting though i will say that 95% of my beliefs do match what i have read .

Any advice in this is welcome i thank you Danial Hayes

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Understand the conversion is a personal thing. It only happens, if you receive the confirmation that the Gospel is true. That is what's so great about the Gospel of Jesus Christ. You can find out for your self. You can call the local missionaries in your area, if you would like to learn more. If you can't find them, let me know your area and I can get a phone number for you.

Also, if you look at it from a parents perspective, you are a strange guy and they know nothing about you. It probably would have been better to go directly to her house, meet her parents and then have her take you to the hotel. As far as they know, you may be a psycho. If it was me, I would reach out, introduce yourself.

As a father, I would want to make sure my daughter is going to be in good hands and safe, not unknown hands, with the unknown. Go on a double date with her parents. I know it sounds weird but think of the impression you could make and it is difficult for someone to hide what their real personality is like, on an ongoing basis.

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It was something i asked for when we met, For one of her parents or a friend to be there with her for safety.I was not firm enough on that She did show up alone.

I do realize to her parents i am just a guy from the internet which is taboo to start with (was for me too) I wanted the chance to prove myself to be the kind man in their eyes as their daughter already sees me as. I am a gentle man, somewhat quiet. when we started talking about dating (friends for nearly a year first) I had told her many times that i wanted to meet her parents. I want their approval too.

My hiccup here is i am unsure that if some of the happenings are faith related. Or simply due to the fears of any good parent. I believe god does everything for a reason. Even the car wreck that nearly took my life in 02. I simply need guidance to give this the best chance possible. There is no better place to get guidance than from faith, and a trust in god. Those who walk in that path as well.

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Latter-day Saints believe in eternal marriage, which equates to eternal happiness. Unfortunately, this is not always the case because a healthy, happy, good marriage takes work, work and work.

Why do I mention this?

The only way to receive this eternal marriage is in the temple and the only way to go into the temple is by being a member. Naturally, they have many concerns, faith, online, etc.

The parents are going to want their daughter to be in a relationship where she can have this eternal blessing.

sorry, i'm rambling. i have been working for a long time. don't give up, wish you the best.

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