How does one become more humble?


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the scriptures talk about becoming humble and how important humility is, which i recognize. I want to become more humble as should everyone else reading this post, since there is always room for improvement.

So how do you actually become more humble? how do strengthen humility?

is it simply giving thanks to the Lord for accomplishments?

is it asking the Lord for help in everything before trying to accomplish something (since that would imply that you are nothing and require help, which is true)?

the reason i ask is because of this: anyone can say, "oh yeah, i understand that without Heavenly Father i would be even less than dust." However, people can say a lot of things (like "i believe in Christ" even without exercising faith).

How can i exercise humility in a way that will help me become even more humble?

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My humility makes me better than you.

I take great pride in my humility.

I'm the most humble guy I know.

A friend of mine posted this on facebook:

"when we are prayer-less, we are pride-ful" -Bill Shannon

Now, after all the quotes, the first step (I think) would be gratitude.

Gratitude knowing that everything in your life is a gift. That you would be nothing and are nothing without the help of our Heavenly Father.

The next part is evaluating your spiritual progress.

First, compare yourself towards temple worthiness.

Then you compare your spiritual journey to become more like Christ.

When we see how far we have to grow, and how much we are helpless, will help you with the perspective towards humility.

Just my thoughts.

Keep in mind that praying for humility is like praying for patience. If you pray for it, opportunities will come your way to find out how patient and humble you are (or will have to become). Be careful! :)

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Have you heard or read this talk?

The Tender Mercies of the Lord - general-conference

It's entitled The Tender Mercies of the Lord.

After hearing this talk I asked to made more aware and sensitive to the tender mercies in my life. A few days later I was have a bad day. Everything was going wrong. I decided to take my baby and get out of the house for a while. I went to a place to eat that I didn't usually go. When I was there 4 sets of missionaries walked in, on their way from a regional training meeting. I said hi to them and we all sat down together and talked. One of the missionaries was quite noisy. He asked me some personal questions about what was going on in my life and how my relationship was with my husband. He made some bold statements about my life. They were both comforting and telling and I could feel the Spirit. As I left and sat in my car I suddenly knew that meeting the missionaries there and what that young missionary said to me was a Tender Mercy of the Lord.

As I came to be more aware of other things in my life I realized how much the Lords hand is in my life. I realized how things turn out the way they do, not because I make them that way, but because HE makes them that way. This has made me more humble.

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