Elder Richard G. Scott - Saturday am session

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Heavenly Father knew we would need to face difficult challenges..often overpowering.

One set of tools to help us is scriptures which we know as the standard works.

They are pure truth.

The Holy Ghost has inspired those who have recorded the scriptures.

The scriptures provide the strength and authority when cited correctly.

Their use provides a foundation of truth.

Great power can come from memorizing scriptures.

Scriptures can calm an educated soul.

Scriptures can communicate different meanings at different times in our life dependent on our needs.

How do you personally use scriptures?

Mark scriptures?

Put notes in the margin?

Do you use all of the standard works including the Old Testament?

The Book of Mormon teaches truth with unique clarity and power.

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Elder Scott shared a host of scriptures. Were these just a list of scriptures that had helped him over the years or was there a theme he hoped to convey?

I think his theme was, "Memorized scriptures are your friends."

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