Elder Neil L. Andersen - Saturday pm session

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It is a privilege for a husband and wife to bring children to earth.

The commandment to multiply and replenish the earth is a commandment that has not gone away.

The number of children is a decision to be made by the husband and wife.

A mother gets on a bus with 7 children. The bus driver asks “Are these all yours or is this a picnic?” The mother replies,” They are all mine and it is no picnic.”

There is no greater calling or responsibility than to be parents.

In the best and worst of times, people of faith have never neglected the counsel to multiply and replenish the earth.

To those women who have never married…Heavenly father knows your intents and desires.

Sometimes life seems unfair especially when we want to do everything that the Lord commands.

Those that don’t have the blessings of marriage or children in this life will have all that was promised in the next life.

We should not be judgmental with each other in this sacred responsibility.

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