Elder L. Tom Perry - Saturday pm session

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The church attracts the attention of the media and the internet all around the globe.

The use of blogs and other networking venues are making the world more aware of the church.

Many are taught to be wary of the church without validating the validity of the claims.

The growing visability and reputation gives us, as members, some remarkable opportunities.

We can share who we are. As long as we do it with the right spirit.

We must be bold in our declaration of Jesus Christ.

Be righteous examples to others.

Speak up about the Church.

We need to use social networking to share our beliefs. Don't be afraid to add your comments and beliefs.

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It made me feel good during this talk. I'm so involved in this kind of thing not only with lds.net but with other endeavors, I feel like I'm adding some small part to this.

Just makes me realize when they give examples how much more I could be doing.

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