M. Russel Ballard - Sunday am session

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The Lord Jesus Christ knew how important it was to name his church in the last days.

We take the name of Christ upon us in the waters of baptism and when we take the Sacrament. We promise always to remember Him.

The Savior's name is the only name under heaven by which man can be saved.

The name the Savior has given to his church tell exactly who we are.

We follow Jesus Christ.

We must be willing to let others know who we follow.

We want to follow the Savior by declaring that we are members of His church.

We are honored to be called a Christian church.

We thank the media for using the correct name of the church so as to not to cause confusion with the splinter groups.

Mormon is an acceptable nickname when it pertains to individual members and not to the organization as a whole.

We need to refrain from telling people we belong to the "Mormon" church.

We can have an impact by using the full name of the church.

At least use "I belong to The Church of Jesus Christ."

At mormon.org the proper use of the name of the Church is explained on the home page.

Ours is the only church that by divine command bears the name of Jesus Christ.

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